INLAND Packsaddle

Whether small or large tour, leisure or professional, with the INLAND pack saddle system you can get through the dense forest and over the high mountains together.

INLAND Packsaddle

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The INLAND pack saddle is available both with and without saddle bags. You can attach many different bags and accessories to the INLAND pack saddle.


Black, Brown, Cognac (reddish brown), Moro


The INLAND pack saddle is based on a wood and steel spring tree that lies on French panels. These panels are filled with horsehair and are characterized by a very high level of durability and breathability. In addition, the angle-adjustable Panels allow a quick and individual adjustment to many different backs.

Special Features:

The saddle offers many different options for attaching front and rear harnesses. Many different pack and bag systems can be attached to the saddle. With the help of click buckles, you can attach the bags quickly, safely and conveniently. Depending on your needs, you can attach different sized bags to the saddle. The girths’ can be individually adapted to your needs, such as one girth, two girths’, as well as Western and English girth.

Watch the video on YouTube, in which I describe the saddle.
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Saddle Pad
INLAND Saddlebags
Extreme trail bags

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