Leather Belt Bag

Simple and clever leather belt bag, for phone, first air kid and GPS tracker.

Colors: tobacco

Leather Belt Bag

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These small leather belt bags come in the perfect sizes. Depending on where you want to go for an adventure, you can carry a phone (small bag), a phone and first aid kit and even a phone, first aid kit and GPS (large bag). The simple lock can be operated with one hand and makes access, while on the horse, very easy and safe.


The firm leather has a high fat content and is therefore extremely water-repellent. It is very insensitive, scratch-proof and has a natural grip.


The loops on the back of the bag allow you to use any type of belt and strap.

Size & Price:

small bag: 18cm wide, 95 Euro
medium bag: 20cm wide, 105 Euro
large bag: 22cm wide, 115 Euro

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