Your Companion

Discover the freedom. Experience adventure, away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the special bond between you and your horse. It does not take much. Only when you can fully rely on your equipment, you can ask for the trust of your horse.


The INLAND saddle is a system of saddle bags, saddle pad, breastplate and stirrups. It connects you and your horse in a unique way and is very comfortable and easy to use.


Get an impression of the INLAND saddle. Enjoy the idea of embarking on small and big adventures together with your horse.

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Quality Through Craftsmanship

At INLAND, every step along the manufacturing process is done carefully and with attention to detail. Take a look around the workshop.


An INLAND saddle is made to spend many hours in the saddle. It provides an ideal connection between you and your horse. On extensive rides, it is comfortable and adapts to all requirements and needs.


You feel it is time for your own adventure? You would like to have your own INLAND saddle made? Get in touch for an individual quote.