Trail riding is a conscious experience for horse and rider together in nature. Saddle your horse and ride far inland. Enjoy the freedom of trail riding.

By Trust


INLAND values a conciouss experience with nature. A saddle celebrates the connection between horse and rider, together in nature. This intention and the focus on you and your horse, becomes part of the saddle during the manufacturing process.


Only when you can fully rely on your equipment, you can ask for the trust of your horse.


Highly skilled manual work does not require machines. The manufacturing is therefore very detailed and of highest quality.


An INLAND product is handmade exclusively from natural materials. Rather repair than replace.


Saddle and bags are tailored to each other and reduced to their essentials. They provide flexibility for your adventure.

Inside the workshop

Your INLAND product is created in this workshop. You are welcome to look around.

Your Trail Saddle

The saddle forms a connection between the horse and you in a very unique way. It relies exclusively on natural materials and is free of plastic.

Behind INLAND?

Get In Touch

You feel that it is time for your own adventure? You are interested in trail riding and would like to have your own INLAND saddle made? Get in touch.

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