Dog Leash & Collar

Dog leash and collar, made of harness leather, adjustable in length, max. 2,50 meters.

Colors: black, cognac, tobacco

Dog Leash & Collar

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This bespoke dog leash is adjustable to different length. The collar is extra wide to evenly distribute pressure. The buckle is padded with leather, to not cause irritation on the dog’s neck.


I use high-quality harness leather for dog leashes collars. The high fat content makes the leather highly weather-resistant. Each harness is individually and optimally adapted to the physiology of the dog. This is important for the comfort.


The hand-stitched seams are of very high quality and ensure a long life time. The stainless steel or brass buckles can be combined with the different leather-colors.

Frage hier Deine individuelle Führleine und Halsband an.


Are you seeking something unique made of leather, or do you wish to rejuvenate a beloved item from the past? Feel free to reach out and connect with us.

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