Handbag from old Saddle

Transform your beloved old saddle into a custom handbag full of memories.

Handbag from old Saddle

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I offer you the opportunity to preserve a deep connection to your horse in the form of a handmade handbag made from the saddle of your beloved horse. This bag is not just an accessory but a piece of history that reflects the countless hours you have spent in the saddle. With care and attention to detail, I craft a masterpiece from your old saddle in my workshop, capturing the essence of your time together.

Using exclusively natural materials and traditional techniques, a product is created that combines environmental consciousness and craftsmanship. Your new handbag will be a testament to unforgettable moments while offering the practical utility of a daily companion. Each bag is a unique piece that carries the unique character and history of your saddle, complemented by a personal certificate and the promise of a lifetime warranty.


Additionally, I can make useful items, such as a keychain, bracelet, etc., from the remaining leather. If a bridle with reins is also available, I can make a shoulder strap for you.

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