Wool Pad

Saddle pad, made of finest wool felt, for trail riders

Wool Pad

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A wool felt pad with a hand-sewn leather backing. Perfectly adapted to the shape of your horses’ back, tailor-made. It is sized so that additional luggage on your saddle does not rest on the fur coat.


The pad, made of 5mm thick and 100% wool felt, is very breathable. The felt dries very quickly in the fresh air. Due to the soft fibers, wool felt is particularly suitable for horses with sensitive backs.


The extra length protects the horses’ fur from chafing, due to the additional luggage. I individually make the pad’s shape to the back of a horse. Particular attention is paid to the withers and the curve of the back. At night, the pad also serves as a warming and soft sleeping pad. Felt is easy to clean in a bath-tub with a moisturizing detergent for wool.

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