Care Manual

Your saddle is part of your adventure. With the right care, you’ll have an experience for a life-time. If you have questions about saddle care or repair, feel free to contact me.




Leather is tough, yet supple.
That’s why it resists the hardships of long rides through nature.

Leather is impermeable and yet breathable.
That’s why it withstands extreme weather and rough undergrowth.

With sufficient care leather will become more beautiful with age.


After every ride

With a damp cotton cloth, you can wipe the leather after each day’s ride. That way, dirt can not set on the leather.


After long trail rides

Use glycerine leather-soap after great adventures. With a lightly damp sponge, you can wipe down the surface.


Once a year

Every autumn, use a moisturizing leather care. Clean the leather beforehand with glycerine soap from dust and sweat residue.

The moisturizing leather care should contain amongst others lanolin, beeswax or avocado oil.



Please never use home remedies, body lotions or foods. They’ll destroy the leather.



If you notice damage to your saddle please contact me early . Together we can prevent bigger problems on long rides.

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