Saddle Bags / Trail Bags

Discover the Extreme Trail Saddlebags – Your rugged companion for challenging tours. Development in cooperation with longrider Peter van der Gugten.

Saddle Bags / Trail Bags

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Born from the most demanding tours and refined to perfection: The Extreme Trail Saddlebags, designed by Peter van der Gugten. Tested in the toughest terrains, they represent the ultimate synthesis of innovation and tradition.

Material: Experience the durability of vegetable-tanned cowhide. Waterproof, extremely robust, and resistant to external influences, it offers optimal protection against wind and weather due to its high water-repellent fat content.

Features: Through the use of robust leather straps instead of yarn, the saddlebags can be repaired quickly and easily when needed. Thanks to the innovative bridge connection, the bags are also easily compatible with any saddle, guaranteeing you the highest flexibility on your adventures.


The bags come with an instruction manual. With the help of these instructions, you will be able to carry out any repairs. Because anyone who has ever been on extreme trails knows that something can always break here. With these bags, however, you already have one less obstacle to worry about.

  • Saddlebags front: € 250.00
  • Saddlebags rear: € 290.00
  • Cantle Roll: € 190.00


  • Saddlebags front: width: 6.5″ / depth: 4″ / height: 9.5″
  • Saddlebags rear: width: 13.5″ / depth: 4″ / height: 9.5″
  • Cantle roll: diameter: 7″ / width: 25″ (for mobile fence)


  • Saddlebags front: 2kg
  • Saddlebags rear: 3kg
  • Cantle roll: 1kg

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"Daniel von INLAND Saddlery ist Profi. Er stellt diese Taschen in Handarbeit aus hochwertigem Leder her. Natur pur, gemacht für die Ewigkeit. Auf seine Arbeit kann ich mich verlassen." Peter van der Gugten


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