Saddle & Saddlebags

They are the heart of INLAND and equip you and your horse perfectly for short and long rides. So that you can be free and spontaneous, like your desire for new adventures.

INLAND Trail Saddle

ab 4.500,00 €

INLAND Saddle Bags

ab 350,00 €

INLAND Packsaddle

Ab 1200,- €

INLAND Pony Packsaddle

Ab 800,- €

Pack Panniers

ab 690,00 €

Saddle Bags / Trail Bags

ab 190,00 €

Leather Pommel Bag

245,00 €

Adapter for Ortlieb trail riding bags

ab 210,00 €

Bridge for English saddle

ab 120,00 €

Bridge for Western saddle

ab 120,00 €

Bridge for Baroque saddle

ab 120,00 €


Are you seeking something unique made of leather, or do you wish to rejuvenate a beloved item from the past? Feel free to reach out and connect with us.

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