INLAND Pony Packsaddle

Discover the INLAND Pony Packsaddle: Specially crafted for your pony’s comfort and safety.

INLAND Pony Packsaddle

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Experience the INLAND Pony Packsaddle, designed to provide comfort and security for small and adorable ponies. Whether with or without saddlebags, this saddle allows for the attachment of a wide range of bags to meet your unique requirements.

Colours: Choose between the classic black or earthy brown, combined with elegant silver or gold fittings to add a personal touch.

Material: The INLAND Pony Packsaddle is founded upon a wooden steel-spring core, paired with French saddle cushions. These cushions, filled with horsehair and wool, are notable for their durability and breathability. Moreover, the adjustable “skirts” enable quick and individual adaptation to various back shapes.

Special Features: This saddle impresses with its multiple attachment options for fore and hind tack. A wide array of saddlebag systems can be effortlessly attached. Utilizing the innovative click system, you can quickly, securely, and comfortably attach bags. Depending on your needs, you can attach variously sized bags to the saddle, with girth adjustments customizable to your preferences, including options for one or two girths, and Western or English girth styles.

Watch the video on YouTube, in which I describe the saddle.
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