INLAND Saddle Bags

Versatile saddlebags: Your perfect companion for self-sufficient journeys, effortlessly transforming into a backpack.

INLAND Saddle Bags

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Discover the world with these sturdy and spacious saddlebags, offering ample space for self-sufficient journeys. Thanks to a clever adapter, the bags can be effortlessly transformed into a practical backpack for you.

Material: Experience the robustness and durability of high-quality cowhide leather, obtained through vegetable tanning. Its high fat content reliably protects against the elements of wind and weather. Every seam, handcrafted in a saddler stitch with durable linen yarn, promises extreme resilience. The internal lining made of impregnated canvas not only protects against sharp objects but also grants the bag additional firmness.

Special Features: Benefit from the thoughtful design: the bags can be easily opened from the horseback, preventing any items from falling out during wild tours. Sturdy click fasteners allow quick mounting and dismounting, while a leather reinforcement at the back evenly distributes pressure points. Thanks to a special bridge, you also have the option to securely attach the bags to your saddle.

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  • Saddlebags front: € 550
  • Saddlebags back: € 750
  • Roll: € 350
  • Backpack adapter: 100


  • Saddlebags front: width: 6.5″ / depth: 4″ / height: 9.5″
  • Saddlebags rear: width: 13.5″ / depth: 4″ / height: 9.5″
  • Cantle roll: diameter: 7″ / width: 20″


  • Saddlebags front: 2kg
  • Saddlebags rear: 3kg
  • Cantle roll: 1kg

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"Excellently crafted panniers and a wonderful coat roll paired with a sophisticated fastening system have found their way to me. Environmentally conscious and good craftsmanship - I am enthusiastic and wish this manufactory only the best." Nicole Menger - Carlinenhof e.V.


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